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Author: Forrest Aldrich
To: ClamAV users ML
Subject: Re: [clamav-users] Compiling and installing from an NFS mount

On 3/14/12 7:43 AM, G.W. Haywood wrote:
> Hello again,
> On Wed, 14 Mar 2012, Forrest Aldrich wrote:
>> What's happening is the clamav installation (make install) creates a
>> file *.tmp and removes it. This is why the process failed because I
>> mount the directory read-only on most of the systems to prevent
>> corruption. This is easily resolved by simply using another NFS mount
>> from where I keep distribution src.
>> ...
>> I think you misunderstand. I'm keeping the source tree ...
> No, I understand that you're keeping the source tree, I just don't
> understand why you are keeping it if you're so worried that it might
> become corrupted. Why not just delete it when the build is finished?
> Then it's most unlikely to get corrupted. :)

LOL no, I'm concerned about /usr/local becoming corrupted - the binary
NFS mount that we want to use on our production systems. The problem I
ran into is doing a "make install" from a read-only NFS mount broke the
installation as it needs to create (and remove) a *.tmp file. I had
built it from another system onto that export mount.

> There you go making life difficult for yourself again. Why not set up
> your own ClamAV database mirror?

I'm not sure how to do this; however, we have only about 4 or 5 machines
that poll for virus updates. And the mirror would be private (not
publicly accessible).

>> In our case, it's all the same revision/OS (RHEL 5.x) -- we have both
>> 32- and 64-bit to contend with, therefore 2 separate builds ...
> I understand that. What I don't understand is why you don't just build
> your own RPM and have your mail filtering machines install that instead
> of doing weird and wonderful things with NFS.

I think creating custom RPMs for this is overkill for what I need.

> What's this 'corruption' that you're so afraid of? If you want some
> files to be immutable, then on Solaris look at

Corruption meaning I don't want local users (even privileged) to write
to the NFS mount, we want to keep the binaries (and their configs that
need to be there) in a consistent state.

> I don't understand that. All you're doing is building in a single
> point of failure. NFS sucks anyway, but when it goes down all your
> mail filtering will go down with it.

Believe me, I understand that. What we really need (for all our video
and other stuff) is a SAN. But try to convince my boss' boss about that
one! ;-) I gave up. I just work with what I have :-)

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