Re: [clamav-users] My outdated Clam.

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Author: Ralf Quint
To: ClamAV users ML
Subject: Re: [clamav-users] My outdated Clam.
At 08:50 AM 3/14/2012, Al Varnell wrote:
>On 3/14/12 5:12 AM, "Steve Kirkby" <> wrote:
> >
> > Exactly. But I dropped into Clam from a recommendation on the Apple
> > discussions Group. There are some highly technical people there but in the
> > post the recommender was addressing average uses of the Mac.
> >
>I'm quite confident that those folks on the Apple Community Discussion Forum
>recommend the use of ClamXav which is for average Mac users and why I keep
>saying that the appropriate place for help in this matter is the ClamXav
>Forum and not this list.

But a general problem is that "average users" don't know/understand
that ClamAV by itself doesn't do squat and that they need a 3rd party
software to make use of it. And that any update to the used ClamAV
"engine" should be though that particular 3rd party software, in this
case ClamXav.

Some of those 3rd party applications, like ClamWin for example, keep
the same version numbering as ClamAV itself and update pretty quickly.

However ClamXav decided to use a different version numbering for
itself and seems to be very slow to update to new versions of the
underlying ClamAV engine, contrary what for example the ClamAV
Wikipedia article says.
The latest version of ClamXav is 2.2.2, from 2011-08-12, including
ClamAV (don't know right now when that version came out). The
latest ClamAV came out 2011-10-17, a bit more than two month
later but by now almost 5 month ago, without an update for ClamXav
that would include apparently in sight.

And the "DON'T PANIC" message in the logs isn't really helping with
"average users", as they will likely do just that, panic, and then
end up in the mess that Steve found himself in.


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