Re: [clamav-users] My outdated Clam.

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Author: Steve Kirkby
To: clamav-users
Subject: Re: [clamav-users] My outdated Clam.
Shawn Bakhtiar said:

"It's [Clam] not just good, it's great ".

I am sure it is. But it is only for highly technically competent people. (And there is nothing wrong in that.)

"Yes, the average consumer should not be concerned with such stuff, but if you'r on this list, I would hardly consider you the average consumer. "

Exactly. But I dropped into Clam from a recommendation on the Apple discussions Group. There are some highly technical people there but in the post the recommender was addressing average uses of the Mac.

Perhaps the Clam authors should put a conspicuous statement on the Clam site (in several places) to warn people that Clam is not for non-technical user.

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