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Author: Forrest Aldrich
To: ClamAV users ML
Subject: Re: [clamav-users] Compiling and installing from an NFS mount

On 3/13/12 1:02 PM, Pierre Dehaen wrote:
> No, I just install on a few mail filtering machines, all Solaris... and the script is not automated:
> it asks for confirmation before doing each step and it shows output of commands, so you can
> stop the script, verify, fix, etc, and restart, skip some steps already done, and complete the
> update. And ss this is something I have to do every few months only, it helps to remember
> the exact procedure.
> Build on one, distribute to others can be risky if they are not at the same revision of the
> packages.
> Pierre
> On 13 Mar 2012 at 12:08, Shawn Bakhtiar wrote:
>> As in administrator I would be very afraid to automate the installation or updating of any software.
>> Are you doing many machines? If so, and they all use the same OS, why not build on one, and just distribute the build to all the others?
>> Just sharing :)

In our case, it's all the same revision/OS (RHEL 5.x) -- we have both
32- and 64-bit to contend with, therefore 2 separate builds and NFS
exports. The ideal case being to import that directory tree and use that
in production instead of having to roll out to each system (we do perl
and other finicky builds).

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