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Author: G.W. Haywood
To: clamav-users
Subject: Re: [clamav-users] Compiling and installing from an NFS mount
Hi there,

On Tue, 13 Mar 2012, Forrest Aldrich wrote:

> I've run into a quirky issue with installing ClamAV from an NFS mount.

It's what you're doing that's quirky. :)

> I do this to keep the same code available to all my systems. I have
> separate mounts for 32- and 64-bit.

For something like ClamAV, I don't see the point. You seem to be
making it harder for yourself than it needs to be.

> For ClamAV, the installation will fail because the NFS mount itself is
> read-only (ro):

As Mr. Swiger said, that's expected.

> ... I wonder if there's a clever way around this. I really don't want
> to go through and change the mounts to read-write -- they are read-only
> for a reason -- or copy the code over and install each individually.

As I said, I think you're making this harder than it needs to be. You
do know that after "make install" you can delete the entire source tree
if you don't want to keep it? What's wrong with a small shell script?

cd /tmp
tar xzvf /nfs_mount/clamav-x.xx.tgz
cd clamav-x.xx
./configure --with-various-options
sudo make install
cd ..
rm -rf clamav-x.xx


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