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Author: Robert S
To: clamav-users
Subject: [Clamav-users] clamav-milter: Upgrade to 0.86.2 requires --timeout option
I have upgraded from 0.86.1 to 0.86.2 on two separate servers (gentoo
and debian). clamav-milter has failed to start on both of these. If
I start it from the command line I get

clamav-milter: --timeout must not be given if --external is not given

I've managed to get around this by putting the following in my options
(/etc/defaults/clamav-milter for debian):


My options are now:

--max-children=2 -o -q --timeout=0 --quarantine-dir=/var/clam

I think this should be pointed out to users of both of these
distributions as they might not be notified that it won't work without
this flag.